Welcome to TIC RACING ,a dedicated BMX  RACE  TEAM  striving for excellence .

TIC RACING is driven for success,  from the way it focuses on its athletes ,too the way it promotes and conducts itself on  and off the race track.

TIC RACING challenges its riders in every aspect of BMX RACING  and sets goals which when achieved are as satisfying for the rider and the team.

TIC RACING  has certain morals which governs the way it operates , INTEGRITY ,HONESTY,RESPECT, and having a never GIVE UP ATTITUDE .

TIC RACING  leaves nothing to chance and endevours to get the best out of its BMX RIDERS through certain learning stratergies  and training techniques. TIC RACING works closely with its chosen proffessionals to get the latest and most proficient information available to give its riders that winning edge.

Call us on 0418 940 077 or make an enquiry today.

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